About Us

We are an organization for like-minded women and men who:

  • Support the principles of the Democratic Party
  • Work for the election of the Democratic Party nominees
  • Initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party nominees
  • Lobby for legislation that serves the purpose of the Democratic ideals

The Faulkner County Democratic Women (FCDW) is a local chapter club of the Arkansas Federation of Democratic Women (AFDW). The AFDW is the oldest Auxiliary of the Democratic Party of Arkansas, having formed in 1933 as a result of women’s involvement with the election of Arkansan Hattie Caraway to the United States Senate. Women’s Democratic Club is the original name and local clubs were known as Units. The named changed to the AFDW in 1972 when the National Federation of Democratic Women formed and Arkansas’ Democratic women became affiliated. The purpose of the ADFW is to promote the increase political activity and influence of Democratic women in Arkansas Politics and government.

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